Find selected files in Windows Explorer

I searched a long time for this and also Google could not give me an answer to the following question. How can I detect the selected files in a Windows Explorer window? I found following by trial and error… keeps an eye on any changes in any directory

This little script runs only on windows and watches at low level into a givven directory. If any changes occur, it will immidiatly show you what has changed. I use it regularly to watch into a directory (works also with UNC pathes and samba) and follow, which files were modified. It watches into the complete directory tree with sub directories. Very simple, use it like this:

Show the path of all Explorer Windows

This piece of Python code shows the current path of all opened Explorer Windows

I wanted to write a code, which can make use of a handler to a Windows Explorer Window, so that I can show a small Tooltip or anything else dynamically belonging to a selected Path of the User. But I think this is the better way. Hope someone alse can use this…

Also the output shows a path of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook:

May be we would need a detection here for Outlook or Internet Explorer.

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