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Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat 3D Batch extension PDF Print E-mail

This is a PDF Batch Converter extension for Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat 3D. This tool converts 3D CAD models to 3D-PDF as well as Office documents to PDF and works in following modes:

  • Convert single files
  • Convert files in a directory in batch
  • Converts a type of files with wildcards like *.CATPart, *.prt, *.model, ...
  • Works as a deamon which watches into a directory (directory watcher)
If you want to download a compiled version:

If you want to use the source with a Python interpreter, it needs a config.ini with this content:

# Configuration of Acrobat2PDF:
# Only for usage as a server/deamon process
# Poll time is the time in seconds for each loop of conversion
polltime = 10

And here comes the Python source code. Pywin32 needed.

from __future__ import with_statement
 Adobe Acrobat2PDF Batch Converter
 This tool converts all Office Documents to PDF and a lot of 3D CAD models
 to 3D-PDF
 Copyright Mustafa Goermezer
import getopt
import os
from win32com.client.dynamic import Dispatch
import pythoncom
import win32gui
import time
import sys
import glob
import string
import ConfigParser
import datetime
def LoadConfig(file, config={}):
    returns a dictionary with key's of the form
    <section>.<option> and the values
    config = config.copy()
    cp = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()
    for sec in cp.sections():
        name = string.lower(sec)
        for opt in cp.options(sec):
            config[name + "." + string.lower(opt)] = string.strip(cp.get(sec, opt))
    return config
def usage():
    print '''
    usage: acrobat2pdf.exe -i <input file/dir> -o <outputdir> [more options]\n
    -i or --input\t\tInput directory or file (mandatory)
    -o or --output\t\tOutput directory (mandatory)
    -m or --movesource\t\tDirectory for converted source files
    -d or --deamon\t\tRun as deamon
    -h or --help\t\tThis help (usage)
    -n or --notoverwrite\tDoesn`t overwrite existing PDF files
    -l or --logfile <file>\tFilename of logfile to write
    Important: At minimum you have to select -i and -o for conversion !
def stdout(msg):
    print msg
    if logfile:
        with open(logfile, 'a') as log:
def converter():
    conv_count = 0
    target = ".pdf"
    NOSAVE = -1
    # If running on one file
    if os.path.isfile(input):
        (inputdir, filename) = os.path.split(input)
        wildcard = False
    # if running on directory
    elif os.path.isdir(input):
        input_iter = os.listdir(input)
        wildcard = False
    elif input.find('*') != -1:
        input_iter = glob.glob(input)
        wildcard = True
        #print input_iter
        print 'Please use a filename, a directory or wildcards to convert documents!'
    for files in input_iter:
        (shortname, extension) = os.path.splitext(files)
        if wildcard == True:
            src = files
            src = inputdir+os.sep+files
        dst = outputdir+os.sep+shortname+target
        stdout('Converting %s'%(files))
        if os.path.isdir(src) == True:
            stdout('%s is a directory. Skipping...\n'%files)
        if overwrite == False:
            if os.access(dst, os.F_OK) == True:
                stdout('  %s already exists. Taking next one...'%(shortname+target))
            if os.access(dst, os.F_OK) == True:
                stdout('  %s already exists. Overwriting...'%(shortname+target))
        # Beginne Konvertierung
        avdoc = Dispatch("AcroExch.AVDoc")
            avdoc.Open(src, src)
            pddoc = avdoc.GetPDDoc()
            pddoc.Save(PDSAVEFULL, dst)
            del pddoc
            del avdoc
            if movesourcedir != '' and os.access(dst, os.F_OK) == True:
                print '  Moving %s to %s' %(files, movesourcedir)
                    os.rename(src, movesourcedir+os.sep+files)
                    stdout('    !!! Couldn`t move %s !!!'%src)
            conv_count += 1
            stdout('  Converted file %s\n'%files)
            stdout('  !!! Couldn`t convert %s !!!\n'%files)
    stoptime =
    runningtime = stoptime-starttime
    if runtype == 'batch':
        if conv_count != 0:
        print '-----------------------------------------------'
        print 'Converted %s documents to PDF.'%(conv_count)
        print 'All conversions done. Estimated performance: %s docs/min'%(performance)
        print 'Acrobat2PDF (c) Dipl.-Ing. Mustafa Goermezer'
        print 'More document conversion solutions at'
if __name__=="__main__":
    input = outputdir = logfile = movesourcedir = ''
    # Default is overwrite existing PDFs
    overwrite = True
    runtype = 'batch'
    cfgfile = 'config.ini'
        opts, args = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], "dhni:o:m:l:c:", 
        ["deamon", "help", "notoverwrite", "input=", "output=", "movesource=", "logfile=", "config="])
    except getopt.GetoptError:
    for o, a in opts:
        if o in ("-d", "--deamon"):
            runtype = 'deamon'
        if o in ("-h", "--help"):
        if o in ("-n", "--notoverwrite"):
            overwrite = False
        if o in ("-i", "--input"):
            input = os.path.abspath(a)
        if o in ("-o", "--output"):
            outputdir = os.path.abspath(a)
        if o in ("-m", "--movesource"):
            movesourcedir = os.path.abspath(a)
        if o in ("-l", "--logfile"):
            logfile = a
        if o in("-c", "--config"):
            cfgfile = os.path.abspath(a)
    # min. 2 Argumente muessen angegeben werden:
    # Checking input:
    if len(sys.argv) < 2:
    if os.access(input, os.F_OK) != True and input.find('*') == -1:
        print 'Input directory %s doesn`t exist.'%input
    if os.access(outputdir, os.F_OK) != True:
        print 'Output directory %s doesn`t exist.'%outputdir
    if movesourcedir:
        if os.access(movesourcedir, os.F_OK) != True:
            print 'Directory for moved source files %s doesn`t exist.'%movesourcedir
    config = LoadConfig(cfgfile)
    poll = config["configsection.polltime"]
    stdout('Running Acrobat2PDF in %s mode\n'%runtype)
    if runtype == 'deamon':
        while 1:
            #stdout('Waiting %s seconds...'% poll)
Last Updated ( Sunday, 10 August 2008 )
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