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GDSAddFile - Source code and text file indexing via rightclick to Google Desktop Search PDF Print E-mail
ImageGDS AddFile is a simple Google Desktop Search (GDS) component (source included), to manually add text files and source code from different development languages to your index - like code favorites which you want absolutly find from the index.

You are also tired of a huge GDS index and not finding what you are searching for ? With GDSAddFile you can reduce the amount of places to be indexed and collect your selected files to the index. With this you will only find what you are looking for and what you have marked before to be indexed. The result is less load on your GDS indexer and better search results with text files.


Simply call the GDSAddFile.exe, which will add a menu entry to your context menu and register GDS AddFile as a component to Google Desktop Search. That`s all.


If you want to uninstall this tool, call it with -u as the argument:

GDSAddFile.exe -u

Last Updated ( Monday, 09 June 2008 )
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