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I think this must be an example from Marc Hammond. It shows how to connect to events in Microsoft Word and Excel:
# OfficeEvents - test/demonstrate events with Word and Excel.
from win32com.client import DispatchWithEvents, Dispatch
import msvcrt, pythoncom
import time, sys
import types
import threading
stopEvent = threading.Event()
def TestExcel():
    class ExcelEvents:
        def OnNewWorkbook(self, wb):
            if type(wb) != types.InstanceType:
                raise RuntimeError, "The transformer doesnt appear to have translated this for us!"
            self.seen_events["OnNewWorkbook"] = None
        def OnWindowActivate(self, wb, wn):
            if type(wb) != types.InstanceType or type(wn) != types.InstanceType:
                raise RuntimeError, "The transformer doesnt appear to have translated this for us!"
            self.seen_events["OnWindowActivate"] = None
        def OnWindowDeactivate(self, wb, wn):
            self.seen_events["OnWindowDeactivate"] = None
        def OnSheetDeactivate(self, sh):
            self.seen_events["OnSheetDeactivate"] = None
        def OnSheetBeforeDoubleClick(self, Sh, Target, Cancel):
            if Target.Column % 2 == 0:
                print "You can double-click there..."
                print "You can not double-click there..."
            # This function is a void, so the result ends up in
            # the only ByRef - Cancel.
                return 1
    class WorkbookEvents:
        def OnActivate(self):
            print "workbook OnActivate"
        def OnBeforeRightClick(self, Target, Cancel):
            print "It's a Worksheet Event"
    e = DispatchWithEvents("Excel.Application", ExcelEvents)
    e.seen_events = {}
    book = e.Workbooks.Add()
    book = DispatchWithEvents(book, WorkbookEvents)
    print "Have book", book
#    sheet = e.Worksheets(1)
#    sheet = DispatchWithEvents(sheet, WorksheetEvents)
    print "Double-click in a few of the Excel cells..."
    print "Press any key when finished with Excel, or wait 10 seconds..."
    if not _WaitForFinish(e, 10):
    if not _CheckSeenEvents(e, ["OnNewWorkbook", "OnWindowActivate"]):
def TestWord():
    class WordEvents:
        def OnDocumentChange(self):
            self.seen_events["OnDocumentChange"] = None
        def OnWindowActivate(self, doc, wn):
            self.seen_events["OnWindowActivate"] = None
        def OnQuit(self):
            self.seen_events["OnQuit"] = None
    w = DispatchWithEvents("Word.Application", WordEvents)
    w.seen_events = {}
    w.Visible = 1
    print "Press any key when finished with Word, or wait 10 seconds..."
    if not _WaitForFinish(w, 10):
    if not _CheckSeenEvents(w, ["OnDocumentChange", "OnWindowActivate"]):
def _WaitForFinish(ob, timeout):
    end = time.time() + timeout
    while 1:
        if msvcrt.kbhit():
        if stopEvent.isSet():
            if not ob.Visible:
                # Gone invisible - we need to pretend we timed
                # out, so the app is quit.
                return 0
        except pythoncom.com_error:
            # Excel is busy (eg, editing the cell) - ignore
        if time.time() > end:
            return 0
    return 1
def _CheckSeenEvents(o, events):
    rc = 1
    for e in events:
        if not o.seen_events.has_key(e):
            print "ERROR: Expected event did not trigger", e
            rc = 0
    return rc
def test():
    import sys
    if "noword" not in sys.argv[1:]:
    if "noexcel" not in sys.argv[1:]:
    print "Word and Excel event tests passed."
if __name__=='__main__':
Last Updated ( Saturday, 06 November 2010 )
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