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ImageFor companies and people all over the world web development & design choices have become even more essential over the last few years, and you, as a web developer, have to make a few important decisions that can affect your entire career as well. You need to ask yourself questions such as: Are Emerging Economies taking a growing slice of the web job pie? Should you join a start-up, or go into an enterprise company? How valuable is being a Full-stack Developer? Is Angular 2.0 going to take over the world of web development? Is mobile going to change the way web developers work permanently? What's the hottest upcoming trend in Web Development?

Breaking down the role of web developer depending on the core skills they offer, there has grown a difference in average salary for each sector.

We all love web development. You will agree that there are plenty of reasons to love Python! In a recent survey that we conducted, Python is rising each day. It is likely that the percentage of Python users will only grow, as those frameworks become better known. Web development isn't just for JS users now!To give you an idea of which technology developers are using more.

One of the most interesting selections of tech so far! Everything from Angular and Python to Node and JS are being used by our Back-end Developers. Lots of modern tech being used by the majority too.

Unsurprisingly, Full-stack Developers look like a combination of Front-end and Back-end Developers when it comes to the tech they use. Angular is dominant in the world of the Full-stack, though it's also interesting to see Python and Docker make an appearance too.Listing tech by overall appearance is always going to be limited in this context as much of the interesting information lies in the bottom third of this graph. It is the small frameworks that are of most interest. We want to find out which tools you should look out for!

ImageSo it appears that the battle will still be waged for some time. Our respondents were evenly split, though unsurprisingly Back-end Developers are more likely to believe PHP is very much alive and well. It looks like everyone will have to wait a while longer before we stop seeing this conversation pop up!

We're celebrating what big fans we are of the language. As a fan of Python's, we will be offering customers a selection of bestselling and critically acclaimed Python eBooks all 100% free. You can know more about free learning here:

We are also offering 20% discount on a ton of our latest Python titles. From machine learning to Raspberry Pi programming, we've got something for every Pythonista looking to push their skills.

Find out more about Python Week:

You can simply share the following Tweet.

#PythonWeek => Get Free #Python Books, a different book each day at @PacktPub #DataScience

Happy PythonWeek.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 16 July 2016 )
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