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This is an example collection of Python Scripts for Windows. Most of them show, how to automate Windows Applications with COM. For the most scripts you need a Python distribution and the Pywin32 module, which is included in ActivePython.

If you want to post a script, article or news please use this link Post a Python script. Hint: For sytax highlighting place your code between the tags <pre> and </pre>

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Python and domino PDF Print E-mail
A tutorial to automate Lotus Notes with Python and an Android app. It describes the user registration process.
Last Updated ( Saturday, 16 July 2016 )
Rise of Python and PythonWeek PDF Print E-mail
ImageFor companies and people all over the world web development & design choices have become even more essential over the last few years, and you, as a web developer, have to make a few important decisions that can affect your entire career as well. You need to ask yourself questions such as: Are Emerging Economies taking a growing slice of the web job pie? Should you join a start-up, or go into an enterprise company? How valuable is being a Full-stack Developer? Is Angular 2.0 going to take over the world of web development? Is mobile going to change the way web developers work permanently? What's the hottest upcoming trend in Web Development?
Last Updated ( Saturday, 16 July 2016 )
Determine top level script name and directory in Python PDF Print E-mail

This script provides the name and directory of the top level Python script.

Why is this useful?

Sometimes you need information stored in the main script's directory (configuration data, graphics, parameters, etc.)

Why this approach?

The simpler ways of doing this all fail in one or the other situation:
  • Variable "__file__" contains the source name but it is not available when being invoked by execfile or when compiled.
  • Variable "sys.argv[0]" does not work when we are being invoked by execfile.
  • Variable "sys.executable" only works in the compiled case. It does provide directory information and the executable's name, but not the name of the Python source that was used to create it.

ScriptInfo tries to always provide the correct information. It has been tested with Python 2.7.9 / Win7 and py2exe, cx_freeze, PyInstaller, IDLE, IPython (sh) / (Qt), python interpreter.

Sample usage:
import scriptinfo as si
script_name = si.scriptinfo["name"]      # will contain <toplevel>.py / <toplevel>.exe
script_dir  = si.scriptinfo["dir"]       # will contain directory where <toplevel>.py / <toplevel>.exe sits
script_src  = si.scriptinfo["source"]    # will contain <toplevel>.py
"source" and "name" are identical when running interpreted.
"source" contains the Python name of the script that was compiled yielding the executable - but only in cases py2exe and cx_freeze. "source" has no meaningful information in PyInstaller compilations.
Last Updated ( Monday, 19 January 2015 )
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