Comfortable Internet Explorer Automation

Do you want to automate Microsoft Internet Explorer more comfortable than ever with Python ? Then maybe PAMIE is helpful for you. PAMIE (Python Automation Module For Internet Explorer) is a free opensource Python win32com script for automation of Internet Explorer – Mainly designed for QA engineers with scripting ability.

>You can download PAMIE from

Here are some functionalities listed:

and much much more !!!

Grab text or source from HTML pages

Get all URLs from a webpage

This example shows how to automate Microsoft Internet Explorer with Python/Pywin32.

opens a Internet Explorer window, surfs to (and waits 3
sec to load the page), and prints all links of the loaded page.

Some links to the Object Model of Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Microsoft ActiveX control

DHTML Objects 

IHTMLDocument2 Interface

Executing Javascript function in a web page in IE

The following code executes a Javascript function on a web page using IE and COM.

Creating multiple instances of IE COM browser objects.

The following code allows you to create more than one IE browser session and interact with each different one.