This script watches for activity at the installed printers and writes a logfile. It shows how much a user has printed on wich printer (works also with network printers).

But it has a proplem with counting the right amount of printed pages 🙁

It uses the wmi-class from Tim Golden, which you can download from his webpages. Please put the in the same directory where you run this script from.

import wmi
c = wmi.WMI ()

print_job_watcher = c.watch_for (
while 1:
  pj = print_job_watcher ()
  print "User %s has submitted %d pages to printer %s" % \
    (pj.Owner, pj.TotalPages, pj.Name)

Userdefined Commands in CATIA V5

With “startCommand” one can start userdefined commands in the same
way as you type the command in the command prompt in CATIA V5.

    import win32com.client 
    print "Oops PYwin32 from Marc Hammond needed" 
catapp = win32com.client.Dispatch("CATIA.application") 
#Attention: runs only if you have set TOOLS/CUSTOMIZE/OPTIONS to Englisch. 
#Starts the "File open"-Menu 
#other examples: 
#catapp.StartCommand("What's This?") 
# Runs the Online-Help (Strg+F1)
# Compass visible 
# Compass invisible