Autocad Automation

This example comes from It searches the ModelSpace collection for text objects. Once found it casts them and alter one of the text specific properties. To test this code AutoCAD must be started with a blank file open add at least one dtext object with ‘Spam’ as its value:

import win32com.client
acad = win32com.client.Dispatch("AutoCAD.Application")

doc = acad.ActiveDocument   # Document object
ms = doc.ModelSpace         # Modelspace "collection"
count = ms.Count            # Number of items in modelspace

for i in range(count):
    item = ms.Item(i)
    if 'text' in item.ObjectName.lower(): # Text objects are AcDbText
        # once we know what it is we can cast it
        text = win32com.client.CastTo(item, "IAcadText") 
        if text.TextString == "Spam":
            text.TextString = "Maps"

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