Automating Windows Media Player

I found this Windows Media Player example on a website:

You can automate  Microsoft Media Player with win32com without
starting the GUI.This example opens and plays some media files:

# this program will play MP3, WMA, MID, WAV files via the WindowsMediaPlayer
from win32com.client import Dispatch
mp = Dispatch("WMPlayer.OCX")
# use an mp3 file you have ...
#tune = mp.newMedia("C:/Program Files/Common Files/HP/Memories Disc/2.0/audio/Swing.mp3")
# or copy one to the working folder ...
#tune = mp.newMedia("Bier1.mp3")

# you can also play wma files, this cool sound came with XP ...
tune = mp.newMedia("C:/WINDOWS/system32/oobe/images/title.wma")
# to stop playing use
raw_input("Press Enter to stop playing")


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