Find selected files in Windows Explorer

I searched a long time for this and also Google could not give me an answer to the following question. How can I detect the selected files in a Windows Explorer window? I found following by trial and error…

import win32com.client
# look in the makepy output for IE for the 'CLSIDToClassMap'
# dictionary, and find the entry for 'ShellWindows'

# a busy state can be detected:
# while ShellWindows[0].Busy == False:
# go in for-loop here

for i in range(ShellWindows.Count):
    print ShellWindows[i].LocationURL
    for j in range(ShellWindows[i].Document.SelectedItems().Count):
        print '  ', ShellWindows[i].Document.SelectedItems().Item(j).Path

# Be careful: Internet Explorer uses also the same CLSID. You should implement a detection!

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