Automating Microsoft Excel

One more example how to automate Microsoft Excel and printout a
postscript file with a specified postscript printer (yes more than one
printer can be installed on the system).

But unlike Word you can not check the background printing status in
Excel with the method "BackgroundPrintingStatus". This shouldn`t make
problems. I didn`t found an afvantage of this feature.


Unlike Powerpoint Excel works in more than one instances.

How to call the function:

You simply call the function with the name of the Word file, Postscript file and the printername which you want to use.:

The source code:

def excel(excelfile, psfile, printer):
    myExcel = win32com.client.DispatchEx('Excel.Application')
    myExcel.Application.AskToUpdateLinks = 0
    Excel = myExcel.Workbooks.Open(excelfile, 0, False, 2)
    Excel.Saved = 1
    Excel.PrintOut(1, 5000, 1, False, printer, True, False, psfile)
    del myExcel
    del Excel
excel('c:/test/excelfilename.xls', 'c:/test/', 'My Postscript Printername')

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