Submitting values and clicking buttons in IE

Submits data to a website and / or clicks on a specific button using COM.

# Use the makepy utility for the "Microsoft Internet Controls (1.1)"
# object library to get early binding.
from win32com.client import Dispatch
from time import sleep

ie = Dispatch("InternetExplorer.Application")  #Create browser instance.
ie.Visible = 1      # Make it visible (0 = invisible)
while ie.ReadyState != 4:    # Wait for browser to finish loading.

doc = ie.Document   # Get the document.
while doc.readyState != "complete": # Wait for document to finish
doc.f.q.value = "qwerty"    # form name is 'f'; search field name is 'q'
doc.f.submit()  # Submits form using default button (in this case, btnG)
# OR alternatively you can specify which button to click as follows...
#    # click on button 'btnI'

# Note:  You can also reference the forms by the order in which they
# appear in the forms collection.  For example, you could use the
# following code as well which references the first form.
# doc.forms[0].q.value = 'qwerty'

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