Get all adressbook entries

Form extractor from word to Excel

Konrads Smelkovs had a bunch of filled out word documents with word forms in them and neded them in Excel. Initially he tried CSV but it didn’t play nice with encodings. So he decided to write directly to XLS:

Let merlin think (MS Agent automation)

Outlook Web Access via Python

Adrian Holovaty wrote a small Python script to access Microsoft Outlook Web Access. It can do some actions by commandline via screen scraping. The script lets you access your emails (in raw format, with all headers) from the Microsoft Outlook’s webmail interface.

It works by screen-scraping the interface. Possible actions are:

  • Log into a Microsoft Outlook Web Access account with a given username and password
  • Retrieve all email IDs from the first page of Inbox
  • Retrieve full, raw source of the email with a given ID
  • Delete an email with a given ID (move to”Deleted Items” folder)

Download the script

Send email with Outlook and Python

A simple example to send emails via Outlook and Python win32com.