Events in Autodesk Inventor

How to listen and respond to Inventor events in Python using win32com (from This example assumes you have succefully been able to connect to Inventor’s COM object If you have not, please do that first.

Simple VBA like MessageBox in Python

Some days ago I found a very easy pythonic way to show a VBA-like MessageBox. It was created with only one line of cpython code.

The code is very very easy. Simply change the last integer parameter to change the style of the message box.

Find selected files in Windows Explorer

I searched a long time for this and also Google could not give me an answer to the following question. How can I detect the selected files in a Windows Explorer window? I found following by trial and error… keeps an eye on any changes in any directory

This little script runs only on windows and watches at low level into a givven directory. If any changes occur, it will immidiatly show you what has changed. I use it regularly to watch into a directory (works also with UNC pathes and samba) and follow, which files were modified. It watches into the complete directory tree with sub directories. Very simple, use it like this:

Delete old mails from Outlooks deleted items folder

The following script deletes all mails older than 30 days from Outlooks Deleted Items Folder: